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Many people are choosing to make their own perfume today. With the supplies such as essential oils so readily available in stores or Make your perfume singapore on the web, making perfume is easy and a lot of fun. It’s a project you can do by yourself, with a friend or with your children. Just what is it about making perfume that’s making it so popular?

In recent studies on women wearing perfume, most of the women stated that they bought a particular scent perfume because it made them smell good, they felt more feminine and they felt better about themselves. In short, they stated when they felt better about themselves, they felt more attractive.

This is one major reason why many women choose to make their own perfume. They know what they like and what makes them feel good but often can’t find it in the store or can’t afford the high price. Making your own perfume is very affordable!

As a gift, it can’t be more personal, special or unique than when you give some a bottle of perfume that you’ve made specifically for them. With crafts and do it yourself projects so popular today, you can find almost any supplies you need for almost any project, including making perfume.

You’ll have a lot of fun shopping for perfume bottles to store your unique creation. Thrift stores, garage sales and swap meets are great places to find vintage bottles, which add a great touch to your homemade perfume.

Some individuals have made their own perfume for so long that they have it down to the true art that it is and are doing it for money. Research has shown once you know what you’re doing; you can easily make up to 100 bottles of your favorite perfume for less than 300 dollars. That’s only 3 dollars a bottle. If you sold each bottle for 10 dollars, you’ll have more than tripled your investment and the buyer is getting an excellent deal as well. It’s a win-win situation for both parties!

There is another reason why many people are choosing to make their own perfume or cologne. Pure essential oils, which are in most perfume, have many healing and holistic properties such as promoting relaxation, relieving stress, etc. By making their own perfume with essential oils, they’re getting the best of both worlds. They’re smelling great and using healthful oils on their body or their family member’s bodies. Consider the choices and reasons and you may soon join the many that are making their own perfume!


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